Marco Polo Day for Authors

Marco Polo Day

Quick answers and instructions for authors.


The Marco Polo game is pretty simple, so there isn’t a lot to explain. You say marco, they say Polo, and someone wins. Yay! The idea is to keep it loose and fun, a way to pick up some followers and interact with readers.

There are a few of things to keep in mind to keep everyone on the same page.

  • The winner must be following you. If you can’t DM them, go on to the next person. This is to allow the exchange of personal information to be exchanged privately. Remember to follow them back so they can DM you as well.
  • Do not use a hashtag for your Marco call. We want readers following us, not a tag. Feel free to use the hashtags #MarcoPolo and #giveaway while promoting.
  • You are responsible for sending the prize. It can be digital (recommended) or a print copy. If you’re playing from work, you can send the book once you get home that night, just warn the winner it will be sent later that day.
  • The full list of participants is on my blog. Feel free to keep a list on your page and blog about it… please do! But please include a note to check the full list of participating authors on my page and link it. This will make sure players can follow last-minute additions. Likewise, if you have additions from your page, direct them to me so I can get their names and links on the master list.

And that is it for the rules. Pretty simple.

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