Marco Polo Day 2015



January 9, 1324, Marco Polo slipped the bonds of this world and drifted into history. He explored Asia, established trade routes with China, and launched a summer game loved by millions.

To celebrate his life and his game, we are launching Marco Polo day on Twitter. The rules are simple. Follow the players listed below from your Twitter account. When one of them yells MARCO you hit reply and @ them with POLO. First to respond will win an ebook. If you’re not following, you can’t win.

Authors interested in participating should reply on this page. Include your name and a link to your Twitter page. (

And now… the fine print:

Marco Polo Day on Twitter is a collection of individual sweepstakes. Each MARCO! tweet is a separate event. Participating authors are wholly responsible for running their individual events and fulfilling the prize requirement. Winners shall receive one digital copy of a book from the author. Titles available are at the sole discretion of the author and may not be substituted for a cash or physical prize. Prize value is not to exceed $10 (US). is not responsible for prize distribution except in those contests run on the Twitter account of @voireylinger.

Participating Authors

 Kayelle Allen – @kayelleallen

SM Butler- @SuzanButler

Dee Carney – @dee_carney

Sam Cheever – @samcheever

Shae Conner – @shaeconner

Hailey Edwards – @haileyedwards

AM Griffin – @AMGriffinbooks

Arlene Hittle – @arlenehittle

Kelly Jameison – @KellyJamieson

Babette James – @BabetteJames

Anne Kane – @AnneKane

Marguerite Labbe – @MargueriteLabbe

Voirey Linger – @voireylinger

Karen Stivali – @karenstivali

Holley Trent – @HolleyTrent

 Maggie Wells – @Maggiewells1