Marco… Marco… MARCO!

Sadness and tragedy… Tragedy and sadness…


I was… busy and stuff! *sigh*

So, here’s the deal. The 2016 game of Marco Polo on Twitter will be happening on February 10.

For the uninitiated, the rules are simple. If you’re an author and on Twitter, tweet out “MARCO!” at some point in the day. Or at several points in the day. Do NOT announce ahead of time when you will be playing, but encourage your followers to keep an eye out for it. Watch your replies. First person to yell POLO gets a free book from you. Make sure you follow the winners so they can claim their prize. **LEGAL NOTE** Authors need to post the legal mumbo jumbo on their websites or link to this post.

If you’re a reader, follow participating authors on Twitter. When someone yells MARCO, reply as fast as you can with POLO. If you’re first, you win a book. Make sure you follow them so you can DM them to claim your prize. All the fine print can be found here.

Below is a list of known participating authors. Follow them to win! This list will grow as more authors join the fun, so check back often. Author signup for at the bottom of the page.


Authors (Alpha by last name)

Keri Ford

Marguerite Labbe

Voirey Linger