Introducing Vee Linger

My first book was a paranormal romance. It was a complete fluke because I’ve always considered myself a contemporary author. That’s where my heart lies, but my creative brain likes to dabble in fantastical worlds at times. As my career progresses, I’ll be focusing on my first love, contemporary romance, but I won’t neglect those supernatural flights of fancy. I enjoy them too much. I won’t, however be publishing them under the name Voirey.

Allow me to introduce you to my alter ego, Vee Linger.

RiskingEternity-SmallWebsiteVee writes paranormal and fantasy romance, and urban fantasy with a bit of a romantic bent. Future books from her will include a half-angel demon hunter and sorcerers who must find who is killing the magical caste.

Today I’m relaunching my Heavenly Lovers series under Vee’s name. Risking Eternity will be available on Amazon June 16. Forsaking Eternity will be available in July and Embracing Eternity in August.

Website, newsletters and social media for Vee will stay under Voirey’s name. I’m not organized enough to manage two identities and juggling too much will pull me away from writing.

I hope you all enjoy this little turn in my writing career as much as I will.


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Praise for  Voirey Linger’s writing

“Where heavenly meets hot-Voirey Linger’s writing is diabolically good. Elegant writing, great sex scenes and the touch of an angel- I enjoyed this book immensely.”
~ Kate Pearce, author of Kiss of the Rose and the Simply series (on Risking Eternity)

“Voirey’s writing is the kind I love to savor–scorching sexual tension, high emotion, and enough gritty realism to her characters to make them completely unforgettable.
~Louisa Edwards, author of Too Hot to Handle and Just One Taste
I was immediately swept up into the interesting and fast paced storyline and it didn’t let up until I read the last word. I loved the passionate chemistry and the emotional connection between the two heroes. This book lived with me long after I finished it, and made me long to read more.”
~Daisiemae, Night Owl Reviews




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